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The problem turned out to be caused by my Virus TI. Which was the first thing I suspected, but I tried it with Ableton and it was fine. I can use it as an audio interface with Numerology after re-installing its drivers, but trying load the plugin crashes Numerology immediately, kills Numerology internally and only leaves the gui functional, or something else bad (before the re-install, just having it set as the audio output was making Numerology go braindead, at least that's what I think was going on.) I haven't touched the Virus in several years because of problems like these, but I recently set it up in my office to use with Numerology on my laptop. The "Total Integration" has various audio sync problems unless the Virus is being used as the system audio interface because Access cheaped-out on a timing-related chip, so it's been useless in my studio with my RME interfaces.
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