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Originally Posted by m5tevens View Post
I tested this a bit more, and I don't think it's the Virus drivers, at least not entirely. Numerology functions as expected with the Virus TI plugin as long as I'm not also using the Virus for audio I/O. I've tried various buffer sizes, as well both the "CoreAudio" and "bit-accurate" options. Before testing, I removed all Numerology files and re-installed, I also re-installed the Virus software. I thought Numerology would just hang with a responsive but non-functional gui, but I left it sit and it did crash after a while, so you should have a crash report (I believe those get sent to you automatically, can't remember for sure.) I can send you a saved project file if you'd like, presumably the crash report will be more instructive.

The Virus plugin does function as intended in Ableton while using the Virus for audio I/O. Perhaps you're using an API call they're not and Apple surprise-changed it or something.

I'm not super compelled to get this fixed if it's only a Virus Thing, I believe Access has abandoned it on OS X and I can finally drop trying to get some use out of it.
Hi All, Has it been determined for sure that it was the new Mojave update that has Numerology 183 become buggy ?
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