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Originally Posted by m5tevens View Post
Well, I had been using Numerology with the Virus quite happily for around three weeks after bringing the Virus in to my office and starting a new project with it. I haven't used Numerology for a few years on the laptop. So it definitely seems that way, but that's only based on three weeks of daily usage without any problems.

I dug into the problems a bit more. The specific behavior is that I'm able to load the Virus plugin and use the synth in Numerology as-expected, but opening up a saved document with the Virus plugin crashes Numerology. I managed to get it working somehow, but it subsequently broke again after I changed the control rate, and I have been unable to fix it again (I tried a lot of things.)

I've had no problems using Numerology without the Virus, and the Virus works fine provided I use my laptop's built-in audio and not the Virus itself for I/O. The Virus works just fine with both Ableton and Logic.

... looking at the crash logs, the crash happens in code that processing MIDI Messages -- but I think it isn't the MIDI events that are the trigger, I think there is some other less-obvious cause that sets up the problem.

When you turned on audio w/ the Virus plugin, what was Numerology using for it's audio output?

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