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Originally Posted by jim View Post
I generally agree, it is a bit of chicken and egg thing, but then, since Apple is the source of the AU spec, and Logic is from Apple, I would expect better compliance -- regardless of them being separate teams. Anyway, it is a known bug. When I reported it (, it was marked as a duplicate of bug #5650414, but of course, there is no way for me to see the status of bug 5650414....

If any host supports MIDI out from AUs, I would expect it to be Bidule, and I'll check it pretty soon. As for timing, if the host supports direct MIDI out from the AU, then timing is a non issue-- the way the events are reported handles that automatically.

I can confirm that Bidule supports MIDI out from AU.

BTW, did you get any progress or insight regarding the timing issues with Logic on MIDI recording from AU using virtual ports? I'm really curious why Logic behaves so badly compared to other hosts, eg. Ableton Live.

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