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Default N4 Sampler Bugs/Problems/Questions

Hi there, getting to know the sampler at the moment. I have still the demo of N4. I am posting here, because my account is not open to post in the bugs-thread. Stumbled upon the following Bugs/Problems/Questions:

1) how long is the recommended max length or how big the max file-size? I loaded up some 2-4h fieldrecordings & surprisingly it worked, but it sounded bit/sample - reduced, somehow downgraded, sounded like 8 bit or very low sample-rate. I suppose such big files over-stretch the limits, but generally streaming from a SSD could be theoretically possible? I modulated the start-point & it worked besides the involuntary bit/sample - reduction.
- it is nice that it works some how at all. I was dreaming for a long time about start-modulation of very long audiofiles & have built a maxmsp-patch for exactly this task, but it is far from being that well integrated with the rest of modulation/midi/AU-possibilities. so numerology would be the only program being potentially able to make my dreams come true.

2) when modulating the loop-start-point, at some point, it lands somewhere near the very end of the sample, then the loop-end-point changes to a very short value, say 0,04 seconds, & stays there unfortunately... would be great to lock the end-loop-point - or is there a solution?

3) I was starting to load up a 16-track-drum-preset from N4 with my own samples - all were not that long, about 1-15minutes, around 11th drumtrack N4 crashed. It crashed already a couple of times before upon loading samples. So everything with sampler feels pretty crash-prone to me. I am not sure what to make of it. Are my samples too long or not formated properly? Are only few-second-long samples allowed? I can't continue building my patch if it can crash any time...

That is all for now. Happy to get any answers - still like N4 very much - it occupies the perfect place for me between being too broad like maxmsp/reaktor & too limited like ableton live. So I would like to build big patches on it - the ideas come automatically. THANKS JIM!

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