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Originally Posted by jim View Post
Perhaps this is odd, but I have no interest in jailbreaking my phone or the iPad. I have heard that bluetooth works pretty well for sync, but then one still has to write a sync algorithm, no easy task.
I'm quite sure the guy behind the BTstack linked above project could help out with an algo; I'll be happy to put you in contact with him.

It is definitely not odd, Jim, jailbreakers are a minority.

One (historically) important reason for jailbreaking (that is now *much* less important, and of course also mitigated by the availability of the iPod Touch) is that iPhones were SIM-locked and only available in the US at first, then for a while only in some other countries. Another one, which unfortunately is giving jailbreaking a bad reputation, is piracy of AppStore content. I consider both these reasons irrelevant in this context.

What I do think is relevant, is that it is a computing device and that I own it, so if I want to be able to run my or your code on it, I should be able to do so without Apple's prior approval. To me that's both a moral and a pragmatic argument.

Well before Apple 'allowed' it, some of us were already making and using fun things like OSC remote controller apps on iPhoneOS (akaRemote, Mrmr). Jailbreaking was simply a requirement to be able to do so at all. It is good to see all the AppStore apps now, sure. But, while one can no longer say jailbreaking is a prerequisite to do any development at all, freedom to tinker around remains important to me. Being able to use bluetooth for obvious things like connecting your wireless (Apple!) keyboard to your iPhone still requires jailbreaking. Using the 30-pin connector for video output (of any apps other than YouTube, iPod video or the Photos slideshow) still needs jailbreaking. Protecting your privacy still requires jailbreaking (or staying clear of tens of thousands of apps; Apple has only recently announced that using geolocation primarily for targeted advertising is a reason for rejection -- not a very solid protection at all, while jailbreakers can simply opt out of the privacy infringing tracking schemes). Multitasking (backgrounding), firewalling, interoperability between apps, all still need jailbreaking. Etc...

So, I'm definitely hoping the iPad will be jailbroken asap.
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