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Originally Posted by Tommy Zai View Post
If I need to keep one DAW, which one? I find all those extra features in Logic and others just get in the way of my creativity. I long for a simple setup . . . instruments, sequencer, multitrack w/midi sync, master, and enjoy! Bias has a multitrack coming out. If it has midi sync . . . hmmm. Until that time, what would give me the smoothest and most powerful interface/relationship with N3 on a Mac? Thoughts are super appreciated. I'm stuck in this cycle of madness for months. HELP!!!
Hard to advise as I'm not clear on your issues with Logic. I don't know what the "extra features" are or exactly how they "get in the way of your creativity". Personally I love Logic. I dont find its set up with num that hard i'd say it's only serious omission is a really powerful step sequencer. Wonder where I can get one of those?
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