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Originally Posted by KaOsphere View Post
This leads to one big question : except because of cultural and historical reasons, why not supporting vst ?
Ever since Apple bought Logic and had it drop support for VSTs, it has been pretty much a requirement that every plugin on the Mac support at least AU and VST. -- so in general there is no benefit, just extra work for me.

For using Reaktor patches w/ MIDI output you can:
- Run it standalone (or in another host) w/ MIDI Sync
- Run it in a VST host w/ Numerology in ReWire mode or as a VST.

I'm pretty sure you can modify any Reaktor ensemble to include one of the many, many synths that are built in reaktor, yes?

Also: if there's some sort of "MIDI Out" module in Reaktor, you can easily setup an IAC buss for it ...

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