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Default Want to use Numerology with my Eurorack modular

Hi guys

Numerology has been on my radar for ages and these past few days I've finally found time to try the demo - it is super! Still finding my way around but it's a great concept. I have no trouble getting things going with my AU instruments and FX but I am wondering if this can drive my modular as well.

I have the Expert Sleepers ES8 and ES3 in my modular system. I was really hoping when I saw all the CV modules that Numerology would be ready to go with external CV gear, but it seems it's not quite as I imagined. A quick test with an LFO out to a Mix CV on my Moog Mother 32 shows that the range is greater than +/-5v. I have to bring the level down to about 0.4 to get the range to match the mix CV on the external module. Not a massive problem but a bit tedious if I have to keep doing this.

Another test I did was with IntervalSeq patched to v/oct on the mother 32. This was really weird! It seemed that the range output from numerology was way outside anything recognised by the moog. I had better luck using the ModulationSeq - pitch changes were audible and within a reasonable range, but of course - no quantisation (still, it was quite fun using stepped mode for microtonal stuff!).

What I'm wondering now is - how do I calibrate the "CV" signals generated by Numerology into Eurorack standard ranges? Is this where the Silent Way plugins come in to play? Could someone give me a real life example of how I might use those to achieve quantised pitch from the IntervalSeq or ModulationSeq for example?

Perhaps there is another way to do this that I've missed...
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