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Originally Posted by 13th View Post
Hi all, as a complete newbie in this field, I am a new user of Numerology, still more playing around than playing music

I am using a Novation Launchkey and Launchpad, and to be able to use the different keys of the Launchkey to control several instruments and effects I looked for a midi filtering/rerouting plugin to divide the control for multiple components on multiple stacks. I looked at one called Midi Polysher but it was only available as a VST so it didn't show up in Numerology at all. I then used Numerology's own midi filters, and am now successfully driving a synth with the keyboard and launching effects with the pads.

Then i started looking in arpeggiating/midi transposed sequencing, I am currently learning the MatrixArp of Numerology - while at it I tried also looking at some plugins as the free old Kirnu arpeggiator, but it does not show the Midi Out for routing so I guess I cannot control anything with it.

Therefore I assume that current version of Numerology does not support the Midi Out for the components, and all midi processing should be done with the Numerology's internal components? Or should there be Midi Out available if the AU component correctly implements it, this thread has me a bit confused?

I am thinking it could offer some extensions to preprocessing the inputs for sequencers/synths and more complex routing of different sections of controller to different tools in Numerology, but could also be that all that I'll ever come up with can be done inside Numerology itself
Welcome in Numerology world ,

I have installed Cream and tried it in Numerology and found that the name 'From Cream 1' do exist in the stack midi input of numerology. So, I have routed ' From cream 1 ' to my preferred synth and I was able to use Cream this way.
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