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Originally Posted by Tommy Zai View Post
What is the best way to run a 1 measure (or any measure) loops in N3? I'm loading a drum or bass loop into drum kit at present. Normally, in the midi environment, I would just start it at the the beginning of the sequence and have the note held until the end of the measure, and then retrigger it as needed. Do I use the Gate? Right now I have the loops doubling, and tripling, on and one into a mess. Do I use some sort of Choke function?

You'll need to send it a trigger equal to the loops length from a Drumseq or you could also use a gate sequencer but then you lose the possibility to adjust volume through velocity. You'll need to match Numerologies transport to the loops original timing. Then for a loop lasting one bar just trigger the sample once each whole note. you should also turn loop off for the sample to aid sync.

If you want to do flextime and force a sample to match a tempo other than the orignal you could try playing it at a different pitches, but this would be fiddily. Then it would be better to play looped samples from a sample player that has this flex function implemented. The free UVI workstation player does this. I think the Drumkit as it is implemented now is not a loop player it's more just a oneshot player. With a little tweeking it could work out, but it's not really the right tool for the job.



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