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Default Sequencers are graphic editors of sound

I have been using Numerology quite a bit..

I have read thousands of pages of piano notation, studied all of Bach Preludes in Fugues book one over a period of 3 years, my daily idea of good work was to play through the whole book (70min) or work on 8 or 9 in detail and spend 2-3 hours playing through all 48 preludes and fugues at the end of the session.

Did and exhaustive period with a large program of Debussy works.

Anyway to get to the point, I'm nuts/love the way Musical Notation looks as a purely graphical form, it's really very ornamental and beautiful to look at..

Now Numerology with it's Launchpad has something of this quality..

Sometimes when I'm working on a sequence, I get a sense that if it looks good, it often sounds good too.. Am I crazy??

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