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For now, the best way to get a sequencer pattern copied from Numerology to Logic is to load the stack with the pattern into Numerology running standalone (or in ReWire mode), click the 'MIDI Rec Enable" button for that stack, and 'play it out' for as many bars as necessary to get what you need. The MIDI file will show up in the .media folder for that project, which you can then drag into a MIDI or instrument track in Logic.

Some background: This task is indeed a bit more complicated than it should be, due to various details. In particular, Numerology's plugins don't really yet have a place to write files, so MIDI and Audio recording are not enabled for the plugins, thus you have to run the app standalone. Also, since a stack can have several modules generating MIDI, the most general solution is to just record all the MIDI output for a stack directly to a file. That's the only way to accommodate all cases, so I implemented that solution first.

Numerology 4 will allow drag-n-drop of MIDI clips from the Note Sequencer modules directly into other hosts, so this task -- at least in the basic case -- will become much easier. As the internal sequence data for Numerology's sequence modules is not MIDI (that's why they're so flexible), and the translation of that data into MIDI gets to be a bit tricky in some case (pitch glide, random jump), it is rather time consuming to sort out all the details, but I'm working on it...

... and do let me know if you need any more details on the process described above...

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