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Default Tempo discrepancy between Numerology and Live

Hi guys,

I have truly been enjoying and inspired by this software. I have hit a wall with one issue, however:

I am using Numerology 4 Pro to program grooves that I mix out onto my analogue desk and do live arrangements that are bounced back into Live, then edited. The trouble is that the tempo in Numerology is not exactly the same as that in Logic, so I have to spend ages timing up the tempo in the DAW post-bounce. So if I set something to 125bpm, it comes out as something like 125.234565 in Live.

I have tried bouncing in using Rewire but I canít get stack outputs to talk to my external outputs on my Apogee Ensemble in Rewire mode. I have also tried the AU but Iím missing the clock feature on there that allows for custom swings.

Any help appreciated!

Using: MacBook Pro Mid-2012 (2.5 GHz Intel Core i5) / Yosemite 10.4 / Live 9.7.7

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