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TBH I'm much, much much more into another Richard's music hehe

But I think you got my point. A Mono/PolyNote, an LFO, a FaderBox, some ParamMod modules and the right synth (U-He Bazille or any wavetable / granular synth for example) can go a long, long way.

Ages and ages ago, I remember getting some insane, Drukqs-ish results with Reason's Malstrom combined with a very rudimentary Num stack.

Another way to do that: program a groovy beat pattern, send most hits (I'd say everything but the kick(s) and snare(s)) through a filter plugin (or several instances with different settings) like Cytomic's Drop, and use Num to control the filter parameter(s): endless variations / minimum hassle. The shorter the hits, the more you'll rely on the filter's sound-print. I used that process years and years ago on a track of mine, works quite well I think.

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