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I have not a definite idea.

In theory, generative music is a kind of music that could change every x-time, with modulations and events based on likelihood (google translate...). Autechre use a Max/MSP patch like that. Brian Eno popularized that.

Here's a link on Wikipedia which explain a bit the generative mind.

Hem... I'm sure I can make this with N2 because I saw modules that I can have generative fun with. But I still how do not know how to "rank", or "line up" them to make a great generative system.

I thought takin' midi-routing-modules and modulate them with a random LFO but it's too random and not even controlled.

It's the thing : I want to make controlled-random-music. It's the first thing in my mind at morning. (after coffee.)


Hum... Maybe it can be useful.

I would like to have X sounds. These X sounds would be chosen to a threshold of likelihood, and I could definite them with a few faders. Rhaaa I don't have a definite idea, like I said above.


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