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After finally getting some time with Vector there are some things that I would like to see in future updates though I think some of them may have been already mentioned but just in case they haven't here goes.

1. More Mod targets for the CV in on Mod1 & Mod2 in particular, Transpose, Octave shift and Velocity scaling.

2. A way to temporarily mute or disable the output of a sub-seq. At the moment if I want to stop a modulation effect from a sub-seq the only way I can see is to remove the param target. However, this has the effect of losing the sequence settings so when you bring back the param target you have to set the sequence up again. A mute or enable/disable per sub-seq would avoid this and be much quicker to use.

3. As was mentioned before when the 9th encoder is used to globally increase/decrease a setting like the velocity or gate length when it reaches zero its reset which is useful in one way. However, if you could do something like holding the shift button down whilst using the 9th encoder or have a switch setting that keeps the original values/offset between them intact when they reach zero as an option then we would have both ways to control the values.

Just something I read in the manual it says that the CV inputs mod1 & 2 have a variety of targets such as gate time, Velocity scaling but as yet there is no Velocity scaling in the target list, which in a way goes back to 1. on my list :-)
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