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As as user of Ableton Live since 2002 I was one of the few disappointed to hear all the hullaballo of the joining forces with Max because I just knew it wasnt going to amount to much at all. Massive threads on the Ableton forum a couple of years ago about how amazing it will be (except for a couple of dissenters like me). Now you dont hear a thing about it, all those heavy voices who said it would be the sequencer killer of all sequencers are silent now. If Ableton had joined forces with Numerology that would have been a different matter. Seems to me a no brainer but peraps its a good thing because they would have destroyed Numerology if they bought it ouright

Ive gone off Ableton now anyway. They pander to noobs screaming for features they think will make them a hit record and they usually get them.

And they stole the programmer of the best soft sampler around (Shortcircuit) bought him off and made him stop finishing shortcircuit 2 which was going to be a samplists dream sampler and raped his ideas for their drum racks whichis a watered down version of shortcircuit, they dont even compare actually. Thats where they got the idea from in ver 5. Ableton havent come up with an original idea since day 1. Even Live was an old Atari programme. The guy who wrote the programme has signed a non disclosure agreement and he simply refuses to to talk about his original creation.* If you had ever seen Live for the Atari, it really is exactly the same except then of course it didnt have audio. Actuyally trying to find a copy of the original Live for the Atari is incredibly difficult. Its as if someone has been going around hoovering them up

yeah Im a little angry as I bought short circuit1 which is great but it has its shortcomings and the sound can be a little grainy. Circuit 2 which you can download free but its basically a beta version and cannot be trusted as it loses files and has even corrupted whole song files But it was exactly what I many others needed, a real software sampler, not a software sampler player. I waited over a year after he announced it, beta tested, couldn't wait to get the final version. Then he simply stopped. yeah, he sold out and left all his users of SC1 in the lurch. I totally lost respect for the guy. He cant put the code on open source because of course Ableton own him and it now. Al for a few $$$
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