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Originally Posted by Per Boysen View Post
I'm totally into live samling and didn't know about LiSa! (using Mobius and various Bidule builds over here)

But LiSa looks a bit obsolete:
Does someone know if there is a version planned for today's Mac boxes that use Intel processors? Nothing mention in the manual whether it supports AU plug-in technology in some way?
Yes it does look obsolete, and probably is. That's why I never touched it.

I hang out at STEIM regularly, and will nag them once more about it on your behalf. Feel free to come over and join in any day, btw. When I talked to their main software development guy, I didn't get the impression that it was very high on their todo list. However, you must understand this in the perspective that STEIM is not a software firm; and is entirely non-commercial (they don't make any profit on the sales of their software), relying on public funding to exist; their focus is mainly on pioneering, to some extent they nowadays probably consider this type of development mainstream / commercially viable enough for others to pursue.

(Much like they leave the development of Crackleboxes to Apple and a horde of indie AppStore devs nowadays. )

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