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It sounds like you're almost there. Here are my recommendations:

- Run Numerology in ReWire mode, and whatever you drive from Numerology, host in Numerology as well -- at least while composing. ReWire mode will get you sync, and hosting synths in Numerology will avoid any latency or timing issues. The only thing you lose is audio input. If you really need that, then run N3 standalone and sync via MIDI Clock.

- Try to get your hands on a Launchpad, it will make using Numerology much more immediate.

- For free-form arrangement of patterns in Numerology, use the Launchpad, or use the Preset Playlist.

- When you really feel like you have things nailed down arrangement-wise, consider creating 'shadow' tracks in Logic for each Numerology track. You can copy MIDI recorded from the Numerology session, then re-target it to Logic's synth, freeze those tracks, do final tweaks, etc.

- Skip the whole FX rack thing -- it's just going to make everything too complicated. Setup multi-band dynamics and parametric EQ on every track. Then create 2-4 Aux tracks in Logic for bread-and-butter sweeting stuff: delays & reverb. Save any fancy FX stuff until you really think you need it.

If you still want to do some crazy FX stuff, then treat the FX chain like a unique instrument -- one that, like any complex synth patch, needs to be worked on by itself before brining it to a composition.

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