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Originally Posted by jonahs View Post

I'm playing with it now, trying to figure it out and I'm finding lots of interesting ideas to try and spin off of this.

I'm going to need to break it down to one velocity sequencer to fully understand (and see!) what's going on, but I'm finding potential in setting the rate differently.

I haven't worked this thought out fully...but I'm thinking about the possibilities of further modularizing the idea using cv switches in the "remote editors stack" and putting the param mods in their own stack(s), maybe one per velocity sequencer?

Also, I'm wondering if there is a way to change the targets of multiple param mods at once. Most of the targets produce interesting results! I might just zone out and make a bunch of presets, but that'll have to wait until the end then when I'm more confident in the configuration. Like I said, I gotta spend some time to break it down.

As an aside, I'm not sure how you mange all those wires! You must have a big screen? I hook up a second monitor in portrait mode to make things easier, but that isn't always possible.
That just it I move the Velocity sequencers and the button boxes up into the top of the stack for usablity purposes. For rewiring It would be best to bring each element down the stack to where it's directed connections are..

The basics of using it is to make a copy of each basic preset and then experiment. The basic preset is like a initialize function. The range and the initial values they send out are basically the default for the chosen parmeter.

To make new parameter destinations take one of the bas presets copy it and then give it descriptive name, then change the parametre fields..

Good luck. That thing never would have occured to me had I not started working on projects with a lot of modules.. I missed a function where you could change just one parameter instead copying the whole state of a module..

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