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Default My ideas first..

I'm no stranger to the time element.. Time for me is probably the most satisfying element in the creative process.

Time is important for

The pulse our own and the Lady opposite.




Increase/decreasing Intensity

Sense of Space


Detail miniature the Micro details are often delineated by the small variances in time. In the musical phrase and in the timbral quality of the sounds. Lfo's Ramdom lfo's simple elements with a big impact on the timbre of a sound and are time based. Micro detail in a soundscape is often a carrier of intererest focusing our attention and making time live, filling space with experience.

Broad Lines How and when sections change in a piece. Sectional changes and how they appear in time and relation to one another sum up events, give a sense of zooming out for the big picture.

Time is a Dramatic force..

Time when used with Rubato and swing, creates a sense of the organic, ie the movements of animals in motion, and the wind harri-ing the grass lands or the surface of the water..

Rests used in a Timely aware way, and an active way create a small pocket of negative force that can load a Soundscape with a sense of the inevitable..a rest needs an answer in sound.

Often when I listen to music created by electronic musician/composer this ability to deal with an intelligent use of Rests that are activating, intense and engaging is sorely missed..

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