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Originally Posted by Yasha View Post
Well, Numerology gives you frightening control over time. With the Groove Clock module, not only can you control which 16th note fractions of a beat are late or early, but with the ParaMod module you can modulate the timing offset of each of those 16th notes as well as the tempo.

You may not be able to give organic life to the timing in your piece (unless you have a midi controller with breath, brainwave or heartbeat sensors), but you can give it a rich artificial life.
I think that "a rich artificial life" is what this thread is all about. Where I want to go is a refined a reasoned and informed approach to finding ways to reach this liveliness and freshness of pulse. The bounce the swing, the deep and profound accelarando over several bars. "Meaning" Insightful usage of all these tweaks on the time. Sure we know things on a surface level, but deep down does it work? Is it an effective workflow to just tweek your way to a deep and coherent use of the element of time. Or do we have to perform everything in realtime with quantize off to acheive this..

I think not. A conductor has a sense of time he has to communicate his visions of the time to instrumentalists, he/she does not perform each voice/instrument of the score/arrange. So a Numerologist/Composer/Conductor/Arranger/Performer needs to use and abuse the available tools til they give this rich artificial life so much presence that a listener wil only notice that everything is perfectly effortless and feels "right" as far as timing goes. A listener should not sit there thinking hey great sounds, great idea but the feeling that the performance the experience just lacks that "something" that makes it a Great performance. I suppose in Classical music the time combined with the dynamic control is what sets great performance apart from just adequate performance.

Time tweeking alone does not get powerful until it is related to the other aspects of the sound composition in a coherent way and with a detailed understanding of times impact on the whole sound..and it follows the listener..

The Overview and the mastering of the sense of time can happen through the use of primed and ambitious use of : ears/mind/body/following example/understanding the genre/experience..

Timing is a total elemental living field of work. With Numerology used intelligently we have a unique tool to study time to a degree and with an ease that would be the envy of composers through the whole long history of music.


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