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Default Interesting stuff

I'm not much into using more than Numerology and Maschine, neither of which are great DAW's .

But I'm more and more getting what I need out of Numerology by squeezing the technology..

My sequencer Trigger and Super Trigger stack plus my main mute stack gives me pretty comprehensive control over where and when my sequencers start and stop...

That's the raw arrangement part that I've figured out after a couple of years of using Numerology..

The CPU issue has had me scraching my head, but I'm getting into some unique ways to deal with that as well.. Once I think it's worth sharing I'll post it under CPU effiency tricks withing Numerology under Tips and Tricks.

The tricks are useful for those with limited CPU for use with effects or Soft synths..

I also have a couple of hardware synths that I use to get more milieage out of my setup even with the CPU limitations..

I'd recommend anyone who has any CPU issues to get a old synth module or two anything reasonable from the last twenty years, when used as a supporting role can work fine.. This frees CPU and gives an insight into just how much mileage you can't get out of vintage gear.. I love my Wavestation AD, and the not so vintage Waldorf Blofeld keyboard.. They just bring another flavour into mix and look ma no CPU load, for 8 or ten extra voices..

I think though the main issue is to get something that works well musically instead of fretting about how luscious one voice may sound.. Music and fresh inspiring ideas first before smart technology will make you happier than the other way around anyday of the week.


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