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I can't speak for everybody else but the gist of what I was saying was that there is no best way, it's down to what suits your workflow best (based upon your operating system, the DAW you use, the processor overhead of your plugs etc) and to paraphrase Wade, what inspire you to produce your best music.

Jim understands this, that's why he provides the three differing working methodologies (4 if you count the AU workflow is being separate to the VST).

My method works best for me, Wade likes to limit himself to using Numerology and Maschine alone (sometimes restrictions eek out more creativity). Have a play with each working method and see what works best for you. As long as your machine is multi-core the differences in CPU performance shouldn't be your deciding factor.

I know you asked a specific question, but the answer is not a simple one. If you want a simple answer then obviously use Numerology to do everything that will of course be the most efficient way of working with the program, it may even turn out to be the best way for your specific needs but the difference in CPU performance between the different options is relatively negligible on a modern 4 core processor and in reality depending on your DAW of choice, your may find that it shares out the load more efficiently across the cores than Numerology in standalone mode.

I hope find this a more lucid answer.

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