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Default More thoughts..

I love this type of dicussion and the answers in this thread are some of the best offerings on this issue.

I've tried using Numerology in Rewire with Reaper. And just briefly with Logic.

I have used Maschine hosted in Numerology. This works suprisingly well. My present problem though is my computers CPU isn't powerful enough to handle both Maschine and several softsynths. But that's where my hardware synths come to the rescue..

I'm not in any big rush to make a finished shiny production. I am in Development and experiemental modus, so as such I'm a speciel case..

But to bring production to completion I would make finished sequenced material with effects in Numerology and record that on a per stack basis. import that into Logic add sound effects realtime improvisation with som editing after the fact, though I hate editing improvisations.

Then do some section piecng together and do final sweeting.

This is a projection of how I would work if I went out of Numerology, right now I'm perfectly satisfied to continue developing ideas, learning about my sound generators, and effects. Developing a new way of working for me at my age is more important than continuing with the old multitrack in a box modus. That is so Done! Everything in the Sequencer ala Logic is so perfectly arranged and over produced lacks freshness and life. It's all so Perfect Powerful Pretty Popular but lacking fun, soul, immeadiacy and true vision..

Music by technological librarians..Cultural dumarians


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