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Originally Posted by Tommy Zai View Post
Wade, do you envision yourself fully processing the stacks in N3 and then recording them into Logic or moving the midi over to Logic and opening the plugins there with processing? In truth, I wish I didn't need a DAW at all. I'd love to do all the midi stuff in N3, record onto a multitrack that has sync, and then mix-down and master with Bias Peak. it's the middle step, i.e. DAW that has me messed up.
I want to record the finished audio and midi on a per stack basis withing Numerology with the effects that are important to each sound source, for most flexbility perhaps one effected track and one un-effected track persound. Then take say six or eight Audio tracks plus their midi tracks from Numerology and then edit it together in Logic. Here I could also use the midi output from Numerologies sequencers To flesh out the arrangement using the usual Daw midi editing tools..

An added twist is to use Maschine as a plug in within Numerology to edit the midi. I can record the midi from other stacks..

Numerology stand alone

Logic or Bias Peak stand alone.

Another idea I have and want to implemet is to have 3 or 4 computers runnning Numerology at once to beat the CPU limitaitions.


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