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As already stated, there are no absolute answers to these questions, so maybe the best way is that we just keep on posting how we decide to work and why. Then anyone can compare and pick out methods that applies to his/her situation.

My favorite production method with Numerology is to use it as standalone and host instruments. I don't host effects, at this first stage, unless effects are used for musical hooks. The good thing with hosting instruments in Numerology is that you can sequence and modulate parameters inside the instruments by nifty CV control routing. You miss out on all that if generating a MIDI output to drive synths externally or in a DAW.

When deciding on how to organize stacks as stems to be rendered as audio files I base my decisions on what I want to do to these audio outputs in the mix. Some instruments need to be bus compressed together while others may need to be ducked by another instrument etc etc, all for achieving a living groove in the mix. Usually I render audio files according to the same decision pattern that a studio engineer would place mic's for recording a band. Now you see why I chose to mix in a DAW rather than summing Num's stems in a sample editor (like Peak).

The DAW I use for mixing is Logic. I have tried to mix in Ableton Live as well but for some reason my mixes tend to sound better when tweaked in Logic (but I'm a dedicated Live user for live work). Logic is also faster to use if painting in lots of automation.

Sometimes I have been composing in Logic while also mixing the piece - a very fast production method - and then I may fire up Numerology AU in order to generate a MIDI track by Numerology's trademark technique "discrete seqcuencing", something I know no DAW being able to pull off. When recording the MIDI output of the Numerology AU I have noticed that there is an absolute timing error. No panic though, because it is absolute and not varying you can fix it easily by opening a track's recorded MIDI in the List Editor, select all MIDI events, look for one that should be right on a downbeat and drag, or adjust the event position value, until this note falls at the correct time.
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