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Originally Posted by Per Boysen View Post
As already stated, there are no absolute answers to these questions, so maybe the best way is that we just keep on posting how we decide to work and why. Then anyone can compare and pick out methods that applies to his/her situation. . . .
It's helping me a lot! Once I get a flow going that works for me I promise to make you guys proud. I'm actually a talented song-writer and producer. Sadly, I'm a perfectionist, who often gets caught up in the little details and gets lost. I need to simplify so I can create. Continued thanks!

I'm seeing the added benefits of using N3 in standalone and then transferring to the Multitrack/DAW. I'm just not sure what I should transfer at this point. I know things change from project to project, but I need to figure out a basic way to work and go from there. Now my questions are:

After creating almost all the sequences in N3 . . .
Should I record audio from N3 to DAW? With or without FX?
Should I record audio and midi from N3 to DAW? With or without FX?
Should I record midi only from N3 to DAW and run the Instruments and FX in the DAW?
. . . and so on.

Jim has given me/us so many options. Very flexible, but I need to zero-in on a basic way to work and then adjust according to factors that come up along the way. I do have the beta of U-he Diva and as mentioned . . . the CPU hit is heavy, so that's a factor. The CPU heavy soft synths may have to be printed on the DAW.

I really appreciate hearing how you guys work. In fact, I think it would be kind of cool to have a thread whereby users indicate their common workflow. Is there such a thread?

If not, let's create one. That would be really helpful to new users and experience alike.
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