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Originally Posted by mikebosch View Post
Hi Jim,

I think you heard this a lot of times, but here we go: Keep up the great work you are doing, Numerology is one of the greatest creations in the music software industry.
Awesome, many thanks -- I truly appreciate all compliments, that's what keeps me going!

Originally Posted by mikebosch View Post
The reason for this thread is to ask if you are planning any support for the LIvid CNTRL:R in the future. Since I have 2 Launchpad (the older Launchpad and the Launchpad S), it is not a must for me, but it would be nice if I could also use my CNTRL:R with Numerology, since it is a performance controller and has a lot of knobs that can be used.

I look forward to see if you would consider this and also would like to know if other users have a livid CNTRL:R and have this question or found a solution to this themselves.
I'm planning a 'mixer mapping' that should work with the CNTRL:R -- and with the Ohm -- you'd be able to map a 'channel' of knobs, buttons and sliders to mix-type params and use a couple buttons to switch banks -- I'm not quite sure how all the details would work yet. I plan to use an OSC variant of that mapping with the iPad as well. It would compliment the Launchpad's nicely, of course. And you would still be able to MIDI Map the controls not used for the mixer mapping to other useful stuff.

Oh, and it would also be easy to setup the "Transport Remote" mapping -- in N4 there's nothing stopping you from using one controller to do multiple things...

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