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Originally Posted by FastTriggerFish View Post
Back to Numerology after a long break of very little music making, I forgot just how great it was ! Loving version 4.
I'm a bit out of touch with some of the new features though, has this mixer mapping been added, or is there a similar function ?
Not yet, but it is moving up the list -- it may not make it for 4.0, but if not, would show up pretty soon after...

Originally Posted by FastTriggerFish View Post
I've got a CNTRL:R as well as a Lanchpad S and would love to use the two together.
I'm wondering what is the best way to map all these knobs and faders ?
For now: I'd use it the way I use TouchOSC on the iPad -- for mixing and a few select critical params. In my case, that would mean:

- Making a 'standard setup' -- i.e. a base project I use when starting anything new -- one stack for the modular, one for a minitaur, one for drums, etc.
- Map the most important 8 stacks to the faders on the CNTRL:R and treat those 'columns' (or part of them )of controls as a mixer: volume, pan, etc.
- I'd then pick some critical items I want control over and map them to the center set of knobs & buttons. In my case, those controls are on a pair of LFOs I send to the modular, a filter on a drum kit, and a few FX params (delay wet/dry, etc).
- I'd also pick 4 or so buttons and map them using the 'Transport Remote' controller, for easy access to stop, play, rec, RTA, etc.

For the leftover buttons, you might consider some stack preset action. For instance, if you have a stack you use for drum sequencing, that's usually a good spot to map the first 8 or so presets. You could take all the buttons on the bottom 2 rows and map 8 presets on 4 stacks, or perhaps 16 presets on drums, then 8 for bass, and 8 for something else.

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