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Originally Posted by tenfingers View Post
So, just wanted to chime in here, I actually registered after seeing the video from Knobcon and being blown away, the one thing I was dying to hear was micro tuning. I think with that (hopefully the ability to import scala files), it would 100% remove my desire for a Circlon, and I would honestly pre order one the second I could do so. Very exciting product!!
The Rev2 hardware does have very accurate 16 bit pitch DACs, so microtuning is both a possibility and of interest to me, but (to avoid feature creep) that feature is not on the 'must have' list for shipping -- it would be a firmware update. One option that will be available immediately: Since the Vector can output MIDI, you could plug it into a Mutable Instruments Yarns, which has both micro tuning and lots of CV.

Also: two questions while you're here: What sort of scales do you like to use, and what do you use to build them (i.e. Scala, etc).

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