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I just mocked up a little piece of music in Logic X with the Numerology MIDI FX. I just ran the Kaleidoscopy Num Stack to get some note material for testing. When recording MIDI to the Logic track I found that all notes from Numerology are 46 or 47 tics late in Logic's sequencer.

So what I did to create a quartet piece was to set the Num Note Generators to spit out MIDI by four different MIDI channels and after having recorded one MIDI Region in Logic, and moved all note events 46 tics earlier, I did "split by MIDI channel" in Logic and started working on assigning playback synths for the four channels.

BTW, here's the recording:

Logic's summing track stacks are really useful when drivng multiple parts by different (Logic MIDI plugin) arpeggiators but I don't think there's a way to throw in Numerology as a central brain instead of those arps. One way is to open a Num MIDI FX on each one of the Logic summing stack's sub tracks. Then you loose out on the excellent general GUI of Numerolgy. It's hard to get the best side of every tool working together. If only the Num MIDI FX would report automation parameters to Logic we would have a powerful way to compose by Numerology's modularity through the Logic automation system on the summing track and its sub tracks.
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