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people seem to think that one tool will do it all. it is for this reason that things like cubase are such a headache for people, and i have not met anyone in the industry that uses every single feature in it, but rather different groups of people that use different functions within it. i think the most interesting music comes from the guys that think to use something in an out-of-the-ordinary way, kinda a "what will happen if i plug this into this" way of thinking. strategies like these can still hold true for sequencers and daws, and i personally like to pick the perfect tool for each job. for example, i do most of my composing in ableton live, and i like programming breaks and complex sampling in Renoise (a tracker), and i like to mix in Cubase, and now recently i have found Numerology which fits a little niche part of my artistic creativity. it is a fantastic little program, but it will never compete with cubase as far as mixing capability. i will never be able to dj or play live with it as well as i can with ableton. likewise, it will never be as good of a midi sequencer as many other pieces of software are, but that's ok, because what it does, it does really well. i'm glad Jim has decided to focus on something that not many other people have done in software, and i'm glad that he hasn't given in to the mainstream demand and put something in like a midi sequencer, because honestly the only people it would please would numerology users that would get the added convenience. i doubt any user of any other midi sequencer would come to Numerology for it's midi sequencer, when there is competition out there that has spent years and years developing their sequencers. so guys, consider the idea of being open to using more than one piece of software for all aspects of composition, production, etc. because i can tell you from experience that you will make it much easier on yourselves just using the right tool for each task, instead of getting some piece of garbage all-in-one tool that does a mediocre job at each task.
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