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hi all!

I wanted to add my opinion on this. I've been considering buying numerology for a long time now. V1 had the lack of rewire which is a great addition with this v2. The other bit that is stopping me from purchasing it now is the total mouse dependence of the program. I think the software is close to perfection now in terms of functions and flexibility but I think it's still missing on the functional side.

In terms of midi recording (notes and CCs) one could have a "write" button on each sequencer. When activated any midi note input would be recorded at that point in time. If multiple notes were triggered during a step the last one would stay.

There could be a master CC# as well (MW #1 maybe). This would be used to input data for all other types of seq. With the sequencer running, and pressing write, tweaking this CC would print the value to the step. this would make it super easy to add stuff on the fly.

Important thing is that a step where no input was made should keep unmodified. Maybe there could be two options (replace and overdub or something like that)

Rec mode could have a latch mode and a one shot mode where recording

Another different way to create better control imo, would be to add a system of remote seq selection. Have a way to scroll through the different seq with midi control. then on that highlighted seq have a system of midi control that would be the same for all seqs. This way you could have a master CC# assignment for stuff like last step, octave, play, "write" etc that would control the highlighted seq. this would be extremely intuitive. with a knob you'd scroll through the seqs, and with the same set of knobs you'd make changes on that seq. having the same knobs controlling the same parameters on every seq would make learning this so much easier which wold allow for great expressiveness with time.

now what you could add to this system is a set of 16CC#s that would always control the 16 step values. So with the same knobs you'd control the parameters of the highlighted seq.

This kind of control would make it ideal to control numerology without almost touching the mouse. i don't know how hard to implement this would be but I can imagine it being an effective way to control numerology in an expressive way.

To record on the fly, you'd use the seq scroll knob to select what seq you'd want to change,

in here you could tweak the 16 master CC# to input values

or you could press press the master "write" button to enable write - in here you could add the value by note input (maybe use 16 notes only), or by tweaking the master input knob (MW CC#1)

as soon as you'd scroll out of that highlighted seq, write mode would be automatically turned off and you'd be set to change another seq on the fly.

This is just an idea, but if numerology had such a functionality it'd probably become by master sequencer in no time.

the main idea is to have the same set controls for the common parameters in all seqs and then have an easy way to scroll between them.

what do guys think?

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