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Originally Posted by ambientidm View Post
sounds like quite a task
i think if livid does an rgb version of the block along with it's menu buttons you will have winner
I'd certainly love to have one!

Originally Posted by ambientidm View Post
i really wish the step lanes of the mono and polynotes had independent lengths
that would a great way to generate evolving sequences in a user defined manner
an 8 step note pattern with a 3 step tie would give a 24 step pattern for example
Use the CV sequencing modules (IntervalSeq, GateSeq, ModSeq) -- either on their own, or used in conjunction with the note seqs... that is what those modules are made for -- in fact, they pre-date the note seqs by something like two years. I timed myself and it took about 25 seconds to produce an 8 vs. 3 pattern like the one you describe -- and that's from a blank stack with no modules in it.

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