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Default MIDI and/or CV output to 'the World'

Yes, of course, I forgot the kinesthetic side. It is important. Although, I personally don't remember anyone reminiscing too much about the physical appeal of agitating a film canister or sloshing with passion that print in the fixer bath. But I'm sure it was more holistic and subtle than I make out.

I think the question of integrating the various digital CV approaches is just basic commerce: there's no solid value proposition in it. In fact, there might be an argument that says: it just makes my competitive market larger and more elastic. Harder to sustain profits.

Much of tech innovation is based on the business theory of creating competitive barriers; it's only later after they've exhausted themselves in their niche that the notion of standardizing or integrating has appeal.

The MIDI standard is probably an example of this; it actually came in in the twilight of the first analog era. That said, I don't think anyone would have predicted the incredible durability of that standard. It keeps morphing, being enriched within its restrictions, e.g., the new Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) standard. And they sneak real numbers in to replace those eight bit integers...
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