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Default Inter-app Virtual CV

So I did some experimenting with a few things. First I tried Soundflower and Loopback. They work for sending CV as audio between VCV rack and your DAW, but performance is not good enough and it's not very stable. Then I tried using the virtual audio channels of my audio interface. My motu 16A lets me create more channels than I have actual physical I/O for, I guess for using with their AVB networking features. The 16A has a maximum of 32 physical in and out, but if I'm using thunderbolt I can create a setup with 128 I/O with virtual channels. I can use those virtual channels to send audio between VCV rack and ableton, with high performance and stability. So until there's a high performance, inter-app standard for sending audio and/or virtual CV, using the virtual channels of networkable audio interfaces (Dante-capable, or AVB) is a viable option. For now the biggest limitation for doing this with VCV rack is the fact that right now you can only have one active audio I/O module in a rack or it crashes. And the way you select banks of channels for those modules is not flexible. But the VCV dev community is receptive to suggestions and sometimes they are lightening-fast.
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