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Old 09-12-2011, 09:23 AM
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Default MATRIX 8x8 for Rythem by jue V2


here is something new to create rythems and more what I call the


The main part of the MatrixSeq is a 8x8 matrix build with 8 ButtonBoxes in the GateControll stack. Here you can set up to 64 gatesteps. This steps were distributed to 16 GateSeqs in the GateSeqs stack by the following order:

GateSeq 1 --> ButtonBox 1 button 1 to 8 -- horizontal reading
GateSeq 2 --> ButtonBox 2 button 1 to 8 -- horizontal reading
GateSeq 8 --> ButtonBox 8 button 1 to 8 -- horizontal reading

GateSeq 9 --> ButtonBox 1 to ButtonBox 8 row 1 -- vertical reading
GateSeq 10 --> ButtonBox 1 to ButtonBox 8 row 2 -- vertical reading
GateSeq 16 --> ButtonBox 1 to ButtonBox 8 row 8 -- vertical reading

This uses 64 ParamMods with some wiring on the input and the output side.

From each GateSeq there is a MIDI signal generated because there are not enough CV busses for the transfer to the Voice stacks.
GateSeq 1 sends on MIDI channel 1
GateSeq 2 sends on MIDI channel 2
GateSeq 16 sends on MIDI channel 16

And all are going to MIDI Bus 2

At the stacks Voice 1 to 8 you have a Voice controll were you can set the start and end steps of the voices IntervallSeq, GateSeq and VelocitySeq and the probability / Seed of the voices NoteProcessor.
For each of the voices you can select 1 or up to 16 incomming gates to drive this voice.
The GateSeq within the voice stack acts as a divider to slow down the gates or give the voice a specific groove.

As an example there are some presets for the GateControll stack. Open the ButtonBoxes and you will see.

With only a few changes at the ButtonMatrix and or the selection ButtonBoxes at the voices you can create very interessting things.
To make this project selfcontained the TR-808 from the DLS Synth is used but this could be changed to something different very easy.
Also you can add more voices with other selections……………

BTW: This is the rythem version only, there is a mutch bigger version in the making that has also a 8x8 matrix with horizontal and vertical reading for the IntervalSeqs.


PS: With eight voices it loads very long, so keep cool and wait!
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Old 09-12-2011, 10:30 AM
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Wow Jue, your works rocks and you generosity even
thanks for this .
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