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Old 04-01-2018, 06:02 PM
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Default Sending NRPNs from Numerology

I have 2 synths which provide extra control through nrpn messages, so I really wanted to get this right. Most explanations I've seen of this presuppose some experience at doing this, but I've never set up nrpns before....i do have some math background, and some midi background, but was quite puzzled this afternoon about how to set this up in Numerology. I finally figured it out based on one post by Jim about sending these messages to the Tetra, and some other stuff I read online, along with using the midi monitor application. It seems to be working just fine.

If this is too basic, or wrong, please correct it, or delete it. But in case someone else is totally puzzled about how to do this, I'll provide a specific example, using the midi spec for the Toraiz as-1 (a great sounding synth, btw).

It may be tradition, but both nrpn synths I have (and from reading the previous thread, also the Tetra) use binary to show the cc#s. I don't get why, really. it's not like converting the numbers to decimal is difficult, but why add that extra step?

An nrpn message actually consists of 4 midi controllers, which isn't a great revelation, but I figured that I should mention that as a starting point (initially spelled 'starting pint', but that's not until later)

The actual parameter itself is formed from taking 2 controller values - the 'msb' from controller # 99, and the 'lsb' from controller #98. You multiply the value of cc #99 by 128, and the value of cc#98 by 1. In this case, the lowpass filter cutoff is represented by nrpn 45, so this means a value of 0 for cc# 99 and 45 for cc# 98. Now, this is really where I was totally stuck for awhile, in terms of setting it up in Numerology.

these cc#s are assumed by Numerology. There is no need to type in 99 and 98 anywhere. These are represented by MSB/LSB, so in this case, I just typed in 0 and 45.

The as-1 manual shows a range of values of 0 - 164. I typed these in as the Min Value and the Max Value respectively. I edited the range a bit so that the sound didn't go almost silent (have it at 25 - 164 and it's working perfectly).

Currently controlling this by an lfo, but now that I've 'got it' I plan to spend a bunch of time today messing with this. I have a prophet 12 which has a vast number of parameters available, and that should be pretty fun.

again - apologies if only I was puzzled about how to set this up.
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Old 04-04-2018, 12:56 PM
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NRPNs are always a bit tricky -- so thanks for the added notes. A site I use frequently to handle conversions between different number types (hex, decimal, binary) is

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