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Old 12-22-2015, 07:33 PM
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Default About that bulk email I just sent...

By now those of you who are on the forum regularly should have already gotten the Five12 News email for December 2015. If you're on this forum regularly at all, the contents will not be news, but I wanted to drop a couple behind the scenes notes so folks know what I'm up to.

So for a long time I've been terrible about not sending out even semi-regular promo emails. One of the behind-the-scenes updates I have done the last few weeks is a new email system. It uses a simple web app I wrote to preview and send a test copy of the email, and Rackspace's super-cool Mailgun for transmission. This will hopefully remove a big excuse for not sending out news emails on a regular basis.

My plan is to send one out every month or two -- just listing the latest builds, any new videos etc. That's the plan, anyway. At least now it is much easier. I built the list from Numerology sales history as well as folks that signed up for a Numerology trial. If you got an email and didn't want one, my apologies, but I had to start somewhere. Mailgun does make it easy to pull users off the list, so just reply to the Five12 News email with un-subscribe in the body of the email.

OTOH, if you did not get an email, send one to info (at) five12 (dot) com with a request. Also, though Mailgun is really good at keeping emails out of spam filters, I have noticed that Google likes to put such things in a 'Promos' group, so if you haven't seen it yet, and use Gmail, check there.

BTW: Here is a link to the HTML version of the email:


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