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Old 09-02-2019, 02:27 PM
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Thumbs up MIDI program changes, scene control, scene settings


I really like what I see here. I want a decent hardware MIDI sequencer and Sequentix's constantly lengthening BS waiting list is tiresome so I'm looking at the Vector which is actually available now and for a much more palatable price....even though it's clearly focused on eurorack, the already implemented MIDI features are decent and the design of the machine is spot-on..

Here's what I need before I click a Buy button:

- Program change sending, ideally per step. ... being able to send a program change on any step would really open up the possibilities with monotimbral MIDI synths. Ideally with an option to offset the entered value because MIDI gear sucks and program 001 is 002 or 000 in some gear.

- Option to launch scenes (not sure of the terminology here, I mean scenes as in Ableton-speak, i.e. a group of patterns that play together) by sending MIDI notes OR program changes.
Using MIDI notes would make it much more playable via pretty much any MIDI device or sequencer. Whoever decided that drum machines and grooveboxes should use program changes to change patterns ... is a bad person. A dedicated MIDI channel for scene control via notes could be used.

-If MIDI notes are used, legato scene changes would be awesome i.e. change scene on the next beat after receiving the MIDI note. Anyone who' s jammed with Live's session view and explored the clip launch options will know how cool this can be for coming up with new musical phrases.

edit: I had a look in the manual and see that scene changes are quantised to a bar,which is ok. But, I would like to see playlists for scenes , a Scene Settings page where scenes can be named, and a scene launcher page where you can launch scenes using the 8 white buttons, paging between banks of 8 with the prev/ next buttons...

In such a scene settings page: I would really love being able to set certain scenes so they do not loop but play x times and then jump to another specified scene? This is for me the biggest problem with most pattern based sequencers and drum machines.... I don't want certain scenes to loop.

It's a lot of fun to be able to break out of loops with a fill which plays once then automatically launches another scene, for live perfomance... without being locked into a pre-arranged playlist or song.

Please make it so, Captain!

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