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Old 01-31-2015, 02:30 PM
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Thumbs up using numerology as a drum rack sequencer in Ableton live

Hi There,
As a enthusiastic user of ableton i like to use the flexibility of numerology's completely re-written script for the novation launchpad. I've been working to implement a numerology set with 8 stacks of the drum sequencer that send out midi notes to a drum rack in live. very simple, but because of the launchpad's feedback and "hands on" flexibility it's basically like you are controlling a drum computer. combined with a remote zero sl for controlling the macro's in ableton live and a UC16 for sending out to the return tracks which have effect racks on them. On top of that, i can use the "resample" feature to record live's master output. And throw that back in. The drum rack in live can hold up to 127 samplers, since i'm only receiving 12 notes from the numerology output i figured out a way to trigger another set of 12 samplers (read; another drum machine) by using a chain of 10 "pitch" midi effects. Each instance is assigned to an octave so almost all slots in the drum rack are used. If anyone is interested in this type of setup, please let me know….
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Old 02-01-2015, 12:52 PM
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Sounds like fun!…. Here's a couple tips on managing note numbers w/ the DrumSeq that may help:

- You can change the note number sent for each track just to the left of the track.
- You can also change the MIDI Channel in the 'advanced settings' panel for the DrumSeq -- just click the little triangle button in the lower-left corner of the module…

So if you tweak those settings, and then save a module preset to the browser (drag the 'floppy' icon from the drum seq's 'header'), you can then reload that preset (w/ your desired note mappings) at any time.

… so that gives you another option besides using the pitch MIDI effect -- though shifting pitch w/ the Midi Note processor will work too...

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