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Old 02-06-2015, 01:39 AM
septicunderground septicunderground is offline
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Some additional info on the subject above:

When starting logic 3 of 4 midi indicators 'leds' are shown. (in the alt MIDI out line in the plugin)
I think that there is something not right.

And it stacks, when using 4 num4 in 4 different slots divided over 4 channels the cpu load of touching and holding modwheel is also times 4
Also the cpu load is gone when removing all num4 instances from the project
Maybe there is some datastream returning to the midistream of the plugin (midiloops orso)

Thanks for checking it out Jim
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Old 02-08-2015, 06:12 PM
jim jim is offline
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Originally Posted by septicunderground View Post
However I have a problem with midi controllers ( in this case novation remotes i have both the zero as the sl6 ) when I use modwheel on a num4 inserted midifx track the cpu goes up like crazy and when using other CC #s like 72/74 etc
I've run a few tests, but I have not seen any big bumps in CPU load. Send me an email with a few more details about your setup: Mac hardware, audio i/o, sample rate, buffer size, etc. Also a screenshot or example stack of your setup...

Originally Posted by septicunderground View Post
it makes the midi thru from my midi keyboard muted, as in I cant trigger the synth with my keyboard anymore. When dragging the midifx Num4 up or down in the midifx menu in Logic x (in trackmixer view) (slot swapping)midi thru works again. Seems like a bug to me.
This one I have replicated. What happens is that under certain types of MIDI load the plugin runs out of MIDI Event buffers. I will implement the fix in the next few days…

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