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Old 11-29-2008, 04:46 PM
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Exclamation Change in Bug Reporting


After some consideration, I have decided that the forum is not really a good place for users to report bugs. It seemed like a good idea at first, as it meant that we could share information, but the reality is that in almost every case, I will need to converse with the reporter of the bug, and email is a much more reliable method to do that -- both for me and for you. So for now on, all bugs should be reported via email to info at five12 dot com.

I have made the following changes:

• I have updated the Bug Reporting guidelines with the latest information.

• I have closed the Bug Reporting forum to new posts.

• I have hidden existing bug reports from the forum, so new users don't get confused. But don't worry, I have properly recorded all the bugs that reported there, sent private notifications to their authors, and will be working diligently on them over the next several days. Several of them have recently been fixed, btw...

• Although I often notify users when bugs they have reported are fixed, I will be attempting to do so every time from now on.

• I have made a new forum for Bug Alerts, and will post information there on any bugs (and their workarounds) as I find out about them.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to reply to this post, or email me directly (jim at five12 dot com).


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