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Old 11-26-2014, 03:44 PM
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Default When Push comes to show

OK, first of all I suppose I should apologise for the rather bad punů

I have a LaunchPad which is really useful. I like to play live and I would say that without it I would be totally lost - I can not even imagine the pain and frustration, trying to run Numerology with a mouse and keyboard. I know, it is perfectly possible, but I have been so spoiled with all the stuff the LaunchPad integration can provide.

Which why I want more.

What I can not understand is if Push adds anything to the game, but a similar set of buttons and perhaps a nicer tactile feeling to the pads?

It is rather pricey and I have just learned that Numerology can use more than one LaunchPad, right? That, to me, sounds awesome!

So the question is if Push is a path to go for my live rig or if I should just add another LaunchPad. Or even ditch the one I have and go with two minis.
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