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Old 07-22-2010, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by deva View Post
I like the arpeggiator style interactivity in Karma... and that it can be programmed to respond in complex and musically interesting ways to your live playing.

The Numerology Arp module:

First thing is... I have not gotten it working correctly... it seems quite buggy.. it drops out notes. Sometimes I will hold 4 notes and it plays 3... Sometimes i will hit a chord and it does nothing, or plays a note then stops. If I hold 7 notes, it sometimes runs through them all and sometimes plays the first 1 or 2 and starts over.

Then bugginess aside:
I do not understand at all what is the thinking behind it
if I hold 1 note, it does not play through the sequence but only plays the first note... what is the point of the sequence?

it only has basic up/down choices and no as played option

sustain pedal does not work to hold notes

there is no hold function

every note is muted and if you make a chord in the sequence, you have to manually un mute that note to hear the chord... release the keys and hit them again and you have to manually unmute again.

I'm sorry, but the arp module seems like an afterthought.

Numerology is quite impressive to make a whole complex composition that plays when I hit the spacebar, but as far as interacting with my own live playing, it is less capable than the basic arps in Alchemy or Zebra... if it is possible to do more, it is certainly obscure how to go about that... it is not built into the arp module.
Some of the functions you're looking for are hidden in the Module Run Mode Settings, some others still need to be implemented. To Latch a sequence, change the Play Mode to "MIDI Trig: Play" or just "Normal". To not sort notes (i.e. as played), change MIDI Transpose to "Chord" or "Chord Trim". Those are explained in a bit more detail at the end of this page:

Something else that is missing is an option to repeat with transpose by octave (or some other interval), but overall what it needs is a reorganization of the UI to better reflect what people generally expect from an arpeggiator. That may also mean splitting off a separate module to handle "classic" arpeggiator functions and keep that part separate from the "programmable" arpeggiator bit.

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