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Old 01-22-2020, 12:42 PM
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Default Preset Revert/Save Changes/Create New

Right now, the stack preset workflow makes it so that editing a preset is destructive in the sense that if you don't like your tweaking, or just wish you could easily get back to where you were a minute ago, you can't unless you had the foresight to duplicate the preset before you started tweaking. A revert function is needed so we don't have to plan ahead while tweaking away.

There should be an option to:

A. Discard all changes to a stack preset and revert to a saved state
B. Save the changes to the current preset


C. Create a new preset with the changes and making it the current preset while leaving the former current preset in its previously saved state.

Three buttons--all available as mod/automation targets so we can tweak without fear or foreplanning and either save all that tweaking or trash it with a button push.

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