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Old 09-24-2015, 05:54 PM
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Default 8-Track Gate Sequencer + SW

Hi - I am trying to make an 8-track gate sequencer using 8 Silent Way Voice controllers getting the gate outs from 8 pairs of GateSeqs/NoteGens. This all to go out through ES-3 (which has 8 outs) to my modular.

All is good, actually, as long as I don't do more than 6 gate sequences. The issue I run into, and I realize this is probably how the VCs work, is that for OUT 1-2 on the first two VCs I can have the first VC output the first gate sequence and the second VC output the second gate sequence - works great (using Out 15-16 for the first two VCs but setting the gates in the Outputs). I had thought if I take the third gate sequence (from the third GateSeq/NoteGen pair) into the third VC and have its Out 1-2 set to the third & fourth ADAT out (Out 17-18) on the ES-3 it would work, but it doesn't. It _does_ work if I use Out 3-4 for gate sequences #3 and #4. In retrospect this does not surprise me, but I had hoped it might work since they are separate VCs.

But, of course, this way I am limited to 6 sequences, not 8. Is there any way to get those last two gate sequences? End goal is to have eight running gate sequences triggering eight EGs/VCAs which all have tuned sine waves as inputs...sine drones in all sorts of tunings...

Edit - Hmmm, perhaps I should use the same sort of setup for polyphonic MIDI. Make a Master Voice Controller, and eight slave VCs?


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