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Old 10-27-2012, 08:04 AM
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Default New Guest at the Table Iris!

Just got Iris running in Demo modus and loaded my new Patchpool subscription for the same with patches:

Se my post on Kvr here with the sound file and a description of the sounds used.

One new tip for Numerologists in that connection..

In the mono note that plays the String Studio sounds I made interesting use of the Binary op modules; I took the pitch output from the main mono note and patched it into three Binary ops. Thses were set to operation Equal. Then I set up values in the CV input field 2 of the three Binary ops of three pitches that were used in the main mono note sequences. The output from the Binary ops were summed into a CV Gate Generator, set to delay of 0 and Gate length of one quarter note.

The output of the Gate generator goes into an Auxilary mono note set to CV trigger Play modus Loop off Transpose on. This mono note just plays a 4 note broken chord. The Aux mono notes output goes into a 2nd String Studio instancce playing a sharply contasting patch to the primary String Studio instance. Instant instrumentation 101!


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